Refund Query Cont. 2

Refund Query Cont. 2


Both seller and buyer are located in Jhb and Durban respectively.

Seller gets goods from Saudi to sell here in South Africa hence the Riyals value. No idea how transaction is done between supplier and seller.

Sale between both seller and buyer is in Rands taking the Riyals rate into consideration. Transaction was done in Rands.

Pyment to seller from buyer was in Rands.

Goods were priced individually in Rands after conversion of goods from Riyals to Rands.

Goods are consumable items.

Hope this explains it further InshaAllah


In the name of Allah, Most Compassionate, Most Merciful,

As-salāmu ‘alaykum wa-rahmatullāhi wa-barakātuh.

In principle, a dissolution in transaction (Iqalah) will be according to the terms and conditions of the initial transaction.  

Accordingly, if you purchased the items in Rands, then the seller is required to refund you the exact amount in Rands.[i] It is incorrect for him to refund you a lesser amount using the Rand/Riyal exchange rate.

And Allah Ta’āla Knows Best

Hammad Ibn Ismail Jogiat

Student - Darul Iftaa

Cambridge, Ontario, Canada

Checked and Approved by,

Mufti Ebrahim Desai.

الدر المختار وحاشية ابن عابدين (رد المحتار) (5/ 125) [i]

 (تصح بمثل الثمن الأول وبالسكوت عنه) ويرد مثل المشروط ولو المقبوض أجود أو أردأ

  • ———————————•(

قوله: وتصح بمثل الثمن الأول) حتى لو كان الثمن عشرة دنانير، فدفع إليه دراهم ثم تقايلا وقد رخصت الدنانير رجع بالدنانير لا بما دفع، وكذا لو رد بعيب وكذا في الأجرة لو فسخت ولو عقد بدراهم فكسدت ثم تقايلا رد الكاسد كذا في الفتح نهر

النهر الفائق شرح كنز الدقائق (3/ 452)

(بمثل الثمن الأول) حتى لو كان الثمن عشرة دنانير فدفع إليه دراهم عوضاً عنها ثم تقايلا وقد رخصت رجع بالدنانير لا بما دفع